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If you read our "About Us" Cajun Outdoor Cooking page, we mentioned that I am a displaced Cajun livin' in the cold . . . without crawfish.  Yeah.  Not good.  If you've lived in Louisiana, you already know what I'm talkin' about.  Crawfish season rolls around and your mouth starts waterin'.  Ten years ago, I wouldn't see all the pictures of friends posting their crawfish boils sayin' "Wish you were here."  Yeah.  Thanks.  So we decided to fly some up to crush some of those cravin's.  
The first hurtle was to find the crawfish for a good price that wouldn't crush my small pocketbook.  (Who calls it pocketbook anymore?  I guess I do.)  That took some research.  Just keep in mind when looking for crawfish to fly in, you are pretty much payin' the same per pound as you would be in Louisiana.  Did you go to a restaurant to eat crawfish?  How much did you pay?  Anything over $5.00 per pound for select crawfish is a big no.  Wait and the price will come down!  ALWAYS make sure their price includes shipping!  
And ladies - DO NOT LISTEN to the guys when they pound on their chest and say they can eat 20 pounds in one sitting, and pitch a fit when they try to order 20 pounds for just them.  They'll eat 10 pounds at most.
Happy eatin'!