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Do you have a favorite propane outdoor burner?  We've been selling our burners for over 20 years.  First, the SP1 was the favorite burner - which is what we call a pipe burner.  It kicks out a lot of heat fairly quickly and is used mostly for boiling crawfish.  The old timers would say this burner is the best - however, to us it just kicks out a lot of noise and heat.  It'll do . . . but just not enough versatility for us. 

Then Bayou Classic developed the SP10.  The SP10 offers more flame control.  You can turn the heat down to simmer a small skillet or sauce pan . . . OR you can kick it up for boiling crawfish.  There is also an added windscreen to protect your flame when the wind is blowing.

#3 on the list is the KAB4 - this one was a fun one!  It had the same qualities as the SP10, but with a wider cooking area.  The flame was controllable.  However, if you ran the propane on full blast, you would freeze the propane tank.  We couldn't figure out WHY people were doing this.  If you are running that sucker full blast, the flames were going up past your knees!?!  So, we no longer suggest this one, unless you are a outdoor cooking pro.

Drum roll please . . . . the new favorite outdoor propane burner . . . the SQ84.  This burner is the result of merging the last two favorite burners.  The SQ84 has the SP10 element, the windscreen and super stable stand.  If you are to call and ask us today which burner you should buy, the SQ84 would be it!  It's great for brewing, camping, tailgating and boiling!


Have you already purchased this burner?  We would love to hear your feedback!  Pictures would be awesome!