Bayou Classic Stainless Steel 16" Bayou Cooker SS84
$ 164.99

The Bayou Classic Stainless Brew Burner is a high quality, high BTU stainless steel brew burner made specifically for our beer brewers.  The Bayou Classic Stainless Brew Burner has a 13.25" high welded frame with a 16 x 16 surface.  This beer brewing surface can hold as little as 10 quart to as high as 100 quart pots.  Beer brewers need their brew to boil as fast as possible and this stainless steel brew burner is made to do just that.  The Bayou Classic Stainless Brew Burner will protect your fire (which gives you more heat control) due to its wind screen.  The stainless steel braided hose on your regulator kit gives you added protection from those pesky varmints  from eating your hose.  Can't go wrong with this brew burner!!

The stainless Bayou Cooker is designed to satisfy demanding needs of 'home brewers' who require a large stable cooking surface, wide range of flame control and 360 degree windscreen protection. Featuring a wide 16 X 16-inch square cooking surface on a 13.25" tall welded frame; a 4" diameter cast iron burner, powered by a 10psi high pressure regulator, brass control valve and 36" stainless braided LPG hose.  This stainless cooker is perfect for home beer brewing, turkey frying and seafood boils.

  • 16" x 16" Large Cooking Surface
  • 13.25" Tall Welded Frame
  • High Pressure Burner
  • 36" Stainless Braided Hose
  • 10 PSI Regulator with Brass Control Valve
  • 360° Windscreen Protection
  • 59,000 BTU