Bayou Classic Double Jet Propane Burner
$ 139.99

Pay attention men, this is what we call a "dream" come true! The Bayou Double Jet Propane Burner originally was to be offered with a 40 PSI regulator, however we were told "you can't do that". So when selling the Bayou Double Jet Propane Burner with a 30 PSI regulator, all we can say is this burner has the POTENTIAL of being the hottest burner on the market. We keep tinkering like a Cajun should . . . and look at what we made! The Bayou Double Jet Propane Burner has a larger, wider stand than most. This is the same stand that is used for our KAB6 propane burner. The stand can hold up to a 162 quart pot. That's 40 gallons! You will be able to use the 30 PSI regulator to heat up that big ol' pot, but may take a little time. If you want a big ol' boil . . . kick it up with your 40 PSI regulator (at your own risk).

  • Welded Steel Frame
  • 22 inch Wide Cooking Surface
  • High Pressure Propane Preset Regulator
  • 367,000 BTUs
  • 48 inch High Pressure LPG Hose
  • Protective Hose Guard