Bayou Classic Chicken Skewer Set
$ 6.99

This item is discontinued and there is limited supply left.

The chicken skewer set is an accessory item for the Bayou Classic turkey fryer stand. The Bayou Classic chicken skewer set will convert your turkey fryer to a chicken fryer. It’s really simple. The chicken skewer set easily attaches to the Bayou Classic turkey fryer stand (the piece your turkey sits on when frying). You’ll be able to fry three whole chickens at once. We love to buy the whole chickens from the grocery that are less than three pounds. Try to get them around the same size. We inject each chicken with a different marinade. The end results are the juiciest chicken you have ever tasted. This is a great was to use your turkey fryer for something other than turkey, although frying a turkey is absolutely delicious! The skewers measure eight inches in length. THE POULTRY RACK IN THE PICTURE IS NOT INCLUDED, JUST THE SKEWERS.