44 Qt Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Kit
44 Qt Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Kit 44 Qt Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Kit
$ 249.99

Fry up to a 25 lb turkey with the 44 qt Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Kit.  This versatile stainless steel turkey fryer can also be used for large batch outdoor cooking including boiling seafood, frying whole chickens and more.  This turkey fryer includes everything you need to fry the perfect turkey except the turkey and oil!  It includes a 44 quart all stainless steel turkey fryer pot with vented lid.  (Hey folks, don't use the lid when you fry.  Just sayin'.)  It also includes the turkey fryer rack, lift hook, turkey fryer thermometer, disposable turkey marinade injector and more.

Let's talk about the massive all stainless steel burner!  What we love about this turkey fryer burner is the massive legs that have more stability than most outdoor turkey fryer burners.  It includes the BG10 element, which produces a flame that is much easier to control.  You can bring it down to an easy simmer for your smaller pots like a dutch oven or super high for an 80 quart pot.

The 44 qt Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Kit includes:

  • 44-qt Stainless Stockpot with Vented Lid
  • Poultry Rack & Lift Hook
  • 14-in Tall Stainless Cooker Frame with single bolt leg attachment
  • 14-in Wide Cooking Surface
  • 4-in Cast Aluminum Burner
  • 12-in Stainless Fry Thermometer
  • 2-oz Seasoning Injector with Stainless Needle


Features & Benefits:

Vented Lid prevents vapor lock when boiling

Heavy-Duty Welded Handles for secure handling of stockpot

No-Rust Cast Aluminum Burner

Perforated Turkey Fryer Rack designed to create a circular flow of oil through & around the cavity during frying

12 inch Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Thermometer enables you to monitor optimal frying temperature

2-oz Seasoning Injector is ideal for infusing your favorite turkey marinades into the turkey prior to cooking