Propane Dual Hose Connector
$ 24.99

Years ago Bayou Classic offered the Bayou Classic Dual Propane Hose Connector and then for some ODD reason, decided not to carry them anymore. We could not understand why because our Bayou Classic customers loved it and said the Bayou Classic Dual Propane Hose Connector worked really well. Years after it was discontinued, we received many calls from our customers requesting this item . . . YEARS AFTER.

Connect two propane regulator kits on one propane tank using this neat propane hose Y connector. There is no more carrying and fiddling with two propane tanks. There is no more taking turns with which burner you'd like to run! There are so many positives about this product and we are so happy that it is back!!

Customers have asked and asked for this item and after all our fussing Bayou Classic finally brought in the dual hose connector aka Y splitter. The dual hose connector aka Y splitter by Bayou Classic connects two regulators to one propane bottle. The type 1 connectors (standard sized POLs / green or black) screw directly to the Y splitter. The only problem we have found is that you cannot connect two propane regulators that equal to over 40 PSI and run them wide open without tripping the type 1 connector. You can however hook up the total of 40 PSIs and not run them full blast. You can hook up two grill regulators or two 10 PSI propane regulators and run them wide open without a problem.

  • Two Propane Hose Connector
  • Runs two propane hoses
  • Works with 10 PSI regulators (or lower)