Bayou Classic 3 Piece Cast Iron Skillet Set
$ 44.99

Save money on shipping when purchasing cast iron skillets as a set. The Bayou Classic 3 Piece Skillet Set includes three different sized cast iron skillets that are used and purchased more often than other cast iron skillets. Use the smallest cast iron skillet (6 inch) for delicious southern cornbread or cooking a single breakfast (two eggs). The six inch skillet is the perfect size for a single individual. The Bayou Classic 3 Piece Skillet Set also includes an 8 inch and 10 inch skillet. These cast iron skillets do include eyes in the handle for hanging. Cast iron skillet dimensions: 6” x 11 ½”, 8” x 2”, 10” x 2 ¾”

This Bayou Classic cast iron skillet is seasoned.