32 Jet Natural Gas Jet Burner
$ 75.99

Use the 32 Jet Natural Gas Jet Burner for getting your natural gas to working on those larger pots. Although natural gas is considered a low pressure gas, the 32 jet natural gas jet burner helps produce more heat for your bigger applications. We have heard that the 32 jet natural gas jet burners get so hot, you could melt your pot! Each jet on the 32 jet natural gas jet burner produces approximately 10,000 BTUs per jet. Please note: Make SURE your pot is a minimum of 12 inches from the tips of the natural gas brass jets! They will melt your pot!!!!

PLEASE READ:  We know that these burners are hard to find, and when you do find them they are anywhere from $100.00 - $500.00.  We found these burners and brought them in because we have had so many customers request them.  HOWEVER, please note that these are NOT Bayou Classic burners.  They are bought directly from China.  We do not have the human resources to hook up and try each burner before shipping.  The result is the cheaper price.  STARTING 07/27/11, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON THESE BURNERS OR ISSUE CREDITS.  They are shipped AS IS.  Each burner will be individually wrapped prior to shipping.  Please have some type of knowledge about these burners prior to purchase.  If you have experience with them, they are worth the price.  If you do not have experience with building outdoor burners, then please stick with our PROPANE CAST IRON BURNERS.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Please note: MAKE SURE YOUR POT IS A MINIMUM OF 12 INCHES FROM THE TIPS OF THE BRASS JETS. THEY WILL MELT YOUR POT. (Not the same for the SP1, SP2 or any of the Bayou Classic burners.)

  • 10 1/8 in outer ring diameter 4 inch inner diameter
  • Each brass jet has individual natural gas orifice
  • Brass jet replacements available separately
  • Natural gas jets aimed to have even heating ability