Why Bayou Classic and why choose us?

It's true.  We were one of the first ones to sell Bayou Classic cookware online (2003) and completely believe in the quality of Bayou Classic cookware.  We should know . . . we use Bayou Classic cooking equipment every day.  That's why we sell it!  We KNOW our stuff!  And if we don't have an answer for you - we will certainly find out.

Have you ever purchased something from Amazon, eBay or heck, even Home Depot and tried to talk to someone (IF you can get them on the phone) about the product?  Yup.  That's why you should pick us.  You can call us.  You can email us.  We are right here in the states . . . more specifically Louisiana.  (And Michigan - more about that below.)   Sure there are other Bayou Classic sites that have copied us word for word.  They'll even feed you a line acting like they know their product.  Yet - they don't.   Here's how you can tell - ask them about the BTU rating on a burner.  If you get a number, they are absolutely full of it.

Tessa & Daddy gettin' ready to boil some crawfish!

More about Do Right Services, Inc.

Do Right Services, Inc is the name of our mother company.  It's the first company that I started before all others.  I was a single mother trying to raise a child by myself without help from family or friends.  Desperate to figure out a way to provide for my first daughter, I started tinkering with computers and teaching myself computer programs like Microsoft Word and Excel.  Companies would hire me to design Excel spreadsheets, newsletters and whatnot.  Then came the internet.  I designed online stores for companies until a good friend told me that I should be designing websites for myself.  (I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs and knew my way around running a retail store.)  That's when Bayou Classic Depot and a few other websites were born!  It actually worked!  We've been going pretty strong since 2003.

Another reason why you should make your purchase from Bayou Classic Depot.

The owner, Misty & daughter Tessa

In 2012 my second daughter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  My husband is originally from Michigan, so when we received the diagnosis, we headed to his hometown.  We absolutely needed the support of family!  The company is in Louisiana - but I'm here in Michigan . . . COLD and HUNGRY for crawfish.

The Louisiana office is ran by Margaret White, who has been with us since the beginning.  (She also has a child with special needs.)  

Integrity, great morals, family and being able to live without worrying where our next meal will come from is the most important to us.  Our customers (you) provide food, shelter and clothing for us and our families.  You are dearly appreciated.  We thank you for all of your support.

If you are traveling from Louisiana to Michigan and it happens to be crawfish season . . . feel free to bring some with ya.  You bring'em.  I'll cook'em!


Misty - The cold crazy cajun girl in Michigan.