Welcome to Cajun Outdoor Cooking, formerly Bayou Classic Depot.  Cajun Outdoor Cooking was a Bayou Classic retail outlet specializing in cajun outdoor cooking equipment since 2003.  We are the largest seller of cajun outdoor cooking equipment. Our collection of cajun outdoor cookware consists of Cajun Classic, King Kooker and other outdoor cooking equipment.  These cajun cookware brands offer the highest quality cast iron cookware, the thickest, restaurant quality stock pots, propane burners and propane parts. Great outdoor cooking equipment in Louisiana consists of the highest grade of aluminum, stainless steel and cast iron. Cajun Outdoor Cooking sets the industry’s standards for outdoor cooking equipment and accessories. We do this with YOU in mind.  We know our stuff.  

Just like yourself, Cajuns live for the biggest and the best outdoor cooking equipment. The bigger . . . the better. This is why our listed quality stainless steel stock pots have become the number one stainless steel stock pots in the south. What product could be hotter? The Kick *A* Outdoor Propane Burner, which reaches over 210,000 BTUs and boils a 120 quart pot in about 20 minutes. 'Bout time we got your attention!

Looking for grill accessories? We've got some of the most unique outdoor cooking grill accessories available.  What's even better is that we've actually used them!  Again, unlike our competitors, we know our stuff when it comes to outdoor cooking.

Have you heard about jambalaya pots? We have cast iron jambalaya pots that are big enough to feed an entire congregation.

McWare Cookware is one of our best selling products.  They are high quality aluminum cookware just like what granny used to cook.  The McWare pot line is made to use for a lifetime and pass onto others within your family.  

When we say we have outdoor cooking covered, we really have your back.  We watch the quality of our products, the ethics of the companies we supply and the prices of others.  If we can find a product with the same quality but for a better price, we will hunt them down and bring those savings to you!  You, the consumer, are the most important part of our business and we appreciate you.