Bayou Classic Cast Iron Wok
$ 48.99

The Bayou Classic Cast Iron Wok heats fast, has great heat distribution and is sure to become your favorite cooking wok of all time. The Bayou Classic Cast Iron Wok has a flat bottom so that is may sit on the stove burner or on an outdoor propane burner. The Bayou Classic Cast Iron Wok measures 12.5 inches in diameter.

Bayou classic cast iron cookware's quality construction sets the industry standard. These items are made heavy-duty, rough and rugged. Are you an extreme outdoorsman? Do you enjoy hunting, camping, fishing, or scouting? Then take us along during your next excursion into the great outdoors. (you know you'll need more than a peanut butter sandwich.) This cast iron wok is ideal for stir-fry. The cast iron pan heats evenly allowing intense flavor to develop throughout your favorite stir-fry recipe.

  • Seasoned
  • 12.5" Diameter x 3" Height