Cajun Classic Seasoned 8 Slice Cast Iron Cornbread Pan
$ 19.99
Pre-seasoned to perfection and ready for use
  • Cast iron offers excellent heat retention and even heating of foods
  • Heavy-duty and durable, designed to last for years
  • Seasoned cast iron is easily cleaned with only a stiff brush and hot water
  • Cooking with cast iron provides nutritional iron intake
This Cajun Classic skillet is made of cast iron and has 8 wedge compartments. Interior dimensions of the cast iron skillet are 9 inches overall width x 1. 25 inches deep and the length including handle is 13 inches. This Cajun Classic cast iron cookware is pre-seasoned to perfection and ready for use. Cast iron cookware makes for superior heat retention and even heating of foods. Though Nonstick when seasoned, hand wash Cajun Classic cast iron with stiff brush and hot water. Heavy-duty and durable, cast iron cookware is designed to last for years.