Bayou Classic 14 Quart Aluminum Deep Fryer Pot
$ 49.99

This 14 quart aluminum deep fryer is perfect for frying a variety of items. This deep fryer is made mostly for smaller items but is still big enough to be useful for frying most items. This aluminum fryer is 13 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height. This aluminum deep fryer includes a fryer a lid and a perforated basket. This 14 qt aluminum deep fryer is a great idea for frying. During those long hot summers, this deep fryer will take care of all your frying needs and give you endless enjoyable lunches and dinners in the sun.

13 D x 6 H

  • Fry Pot: 13 D x 6 H
  • Fry Pot: 1.5 mm / 14 gauge
  • Perforated basket