Bayou Classic 7 Gallon Kettle Jambalaya Pot Kit
$ 259.99

Feed over 65 adults in one sitting with this 7 gallon cast iron jambalaya pot by Bayou Classic. The 7 Gallon Jambalaya Pot by Bayou Classic is a three legged cast iron jambalaya pot used for medium sized family gatherings or for commercial applications. There are no other cast iron jambalaya pots available by any other manufacturer that meet or beat the quality of the Bayou Classic jambalaya pots. The quality of this jambalaya pot is EXCELLENT!

When you purchase this 7 gallon jambalaya pot, you will also receive the pictured TJ hooks and jambalaya pot stand. Use the jambalaya pot TJ hooks to safely lift and move your jambalaya pot. Use the jambalaya pot stand to easily use your jambalaya pot over a campfire or outdoor burner. The jambalaya pot is raised to the perfect height for use with our suggested Kick A Banjo Burner.

  • Interior dimensions 16.5 W X 10 D
  • Cast iron jambalaya pot
  • Tripod jambalaya pot stand with foot pads
  • 2 Jambalaya Pot Lift Hooks ( TJ Hooks )
  • Cast Iron Lid