Bayou Classic Dual Jet Vortex Outdoor Propane Cooker
$ 119.99
Get ready to be impressed with Bayou Classic's SV22 2-Burner Propane Stove. This VORTEX DESIGN outdoor cooker provides the same BTU output as our popular SP2 Propane Stove with the exception of its unique vortex design. It also has a 360-degree windscreen for faster heating. It is constructed with an 18-inch cooking surface and a 12.5-inch tall welded frame with a hose guard. It is functionally designed for stockpots up to 122-quarts and has a faster recovery time after inserting food in a pot
  • Dual Jets, 367,000 BTUs
  • 18 in. diameter cooking surface
  • 12.5 in. tall welded steel frame with hose guard
  • 360° windscreen protection
  • Heat resistant paint
  • 30-psi adjustable regulator
  • 48-inch Stainless Braided LPG Hose adds safety value from heat down-drafts