Bayou Classic Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok
$ 46.99

Why choose Bayou Classic's flat bottom carbon steel wok?  

So here's the question - what's better?  The carbon steel wok or cast iron wok?  Which, by the way, we carry both!  So far, we know that cast iron and carbon steel are the best choices when buying a wok compared to your aluminum and stainless steel version.  You have cleaning and pitting issues when using those types of woks.

The Bayou Classic carbon steel wok has a flat bottom.  The flat bottom carbon steel wok works better on gas stoves and grated cook tops.  You have more control and stability.  

  • Dimensions: 15.5 in. wide.
  • Surface: Smooth.
  • Materials: Carbon steel.
  • Care instructions: Hand wash in warm water.
  • Oven-Safe to: 0-750 degrees