Bayou Classic Seafood Steamer Kit
$ 309.99

The Bayou Classic Seafood Steamer Kit includes an all stainless steel 82 quart stock pot with ELEVATED STEAMER BASKET and the Bayou Classic stainless steel jet burner.  The Bayou Classic Seafood Steamer Kit is the seafood cooking kit that we recommend for those that like to do clam bakes.  (How ya doin' northerners?)  That elevated steamer basket keeps your basket off the bottom and gives you plenty of wiggle room for a healthy portion of veggies and seafood.

The Bayou Classic Crawfish Cooker Kit features an 82-quart 18 3/4-diameter x 17-inch tall stainless steel stock pot with a vented lid and elevated steamer basket  The included Bayou Classic Jet Cooker features a propane jet burner with a 16-inch cooking surface capable of handling pots up to 102-quarts, stands at 12 1/2-inches tall and has a durable stainless steel welded frame. Includes a 10 PSI adjustable regulator with a 60-inch stainless steel braided hose.

  • Stainless steel stock pot and jet cooker components for durability
  • Large 82-quart stock pot will hold an entire sack of crawfish WITHOUT THE BASKET.
  • High pressure propane jet burner boils water faster
  • Stock pot includes lid and elevated steamer basket
  • Includes a UL-listed adjustable high pressure propane regulator with stainless steel braided hose and valve assembly for precise flame control