Cajun Classic Aluminum Deep Fryer 12 inch Cooking Kit
$ 129.99

The Cajun Classic Aluminum Deep Fryer Cooking Kit features all the deep frying cooking tools you need to fry and eat in style.  This item includes the following:

  • The Cajun Classic fry pot is made of heavy-duty 1/8 inch thick polished aluminum construction for fast even heating, easy cleaning and low maintenance. This Cajun Classic fry pot set includes aluminum fry pot with handle, lid, and basket
  • This Cajun Classic burner is a high pressure gas burner. The stand measures 21 inches tall by 14 inches in diameter at the top. 75,000 BTU suitable for larger pots.
  • High pressure regulator kit 0-10 PSI 3 foot hose includes a POL.
  • Use with Propane gas only.