Crawfish Table
Crawfish Table Crawfish Table
$ 249.00

If you loving boiling crawfish for your friends, this crawfish table is a must have crawfish boil party accessory!  This crawfish table is designed for a crawfish or seafood boil, complete with paper towel dispensers and beverage holders.  Your crawfish eatin' guests can enjoy their perfectly cooked crawfish without some of the table mess. The crawfish table has a center hole for your crawfish tails. Attach the King Kooker Crawfish Table to any medium or large garbage can and you instantly have a place to serve up outdoor meals of boiled seafood or grilled meats. The Crawfish Table is made from durable ABS plastic.  Crawfish Table fits up to a 55-gallon trash can.

  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Attaches to garbage cans up to 55 gallon
  • 44" X 2.5"