Bayou Classic 1 PSI Propane Regulator Kit - Grill Regulator
$ 32.99

The 1 PSI Propane Regulator Kit is designed for low pressure grills. The 1 PSI Propane Regulator Kit has a 30 inch UL listed hose, which is the recommended length for propane applications. The regulator on this hose kit has 1 PSI (pounds per square inch). The orifice on the propane regulator kit is a 3/8 inch flare swivel fitting. This particular propane regulator kit is made for any low pressure burners (30,000 BTUs or lower), patio stoves and camp stoves.

  • 36 inch stainless steel low pressure LPG hose
  • 1 PSI preset regulator
  • 3/8 inch flare swivel fitting
  • Recommended for Bayou Classic low pressure cookers and gas grills.